Leaking Pipe Repair
Published On: 28 August 2014Categories: Latest News

Leaking pipes and faucets in your Calgary home are not something to ignore. In the short term, they might just seem like a nuisance, but over time they can cost you money through excessive bills, damage other parts of your water system, and leave corrosive debris or sludge that can eat away at floors, walls, and other parts of your house. That’s why you don’t have to delay leaking pipe repair.

Those are certainly problems you can do without. That’s especially true when you consider how easy it is to get the plumbing service you need from a team of recognized professionals.

At Plumbing Paramedics in Calgary, we follow a time-tested approach to dealing with problems like leaking pipes:

First, we let you tell us about the issue. You know your home better than anyone, and letting you explain the nature of the problem can sometimes make diagnosing the situation faster and easier.

Then, we use diagnostic tools to identify the problem. In situations where there might be multiple or unknown causes for the problem, we use tools like X-ray cameras to get into your pipes and find the source of the leak or trouble.

Next, we explain your options and the costs. Because we want you to know exactly what we’ll do, and what you’ll be billed for, our team of plumbers explains your options before work begins.

Finally, we’ll get your water system back up and running quickly. We pride ourselves on not only being punctual, but amongst the best in the business of making fast, reliable leaking pipe repair. Plumbing problems never get better over time, and there’s no reason to put off getting the service you deserve when Plumbing Paramedics is just a phone call away.

Have leaking pipes or other problems that call for Calgary’s best plumbers? Call Plumbing Paramedics any time of day at 587-316-2946!

Call us at (403) 452-2911 or Book Now an appointment.

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