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Published On: 1 June 2019Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

Many Canadians have to struggle with the inconvenience of hard water. Water effectively dissolves many salts and chemicals; in fact it’s called the universal solvent, and the more stuff that water has dissolved, the harder it is. In Calgary, our water usually contains 166 – 216 milligrams of minerals per litre of water, placing our water somewhere between hard and very hard. Fortunately, drinking very hard water hasn’t been shown to cause adverse health outcomes, but it can be a hassle when it comes time to do chores.

Spotty Dishes.

Some of the most obvious hard water side effects are spots and streaks on your dishes. When your glasses and utensils come out of your dishwasher, you expect them to be sparkling. But the minerals in hard water can react with the soap to leave a powder deposit that nobody wants. Working with a Calgary plumber to install a water softener can help. Your soap will work noticeably better in softer water and your dishes will come out freshly cleaned — instead of streaked with minerals.

Hard to Clean.

Dishes aren’t the only place where mineral deposits collect. Limescale can build up in your bathtub, sink, toilet, kettle — anywhere water sits for a while. Limescale is an off white crusty residue made up of calcium carbonate. Basically, your plumbing is growing a rocky tumour (limestone). This rock residue isn’t just unsightly and annoyingly resistant to cleaners, it can also wears out your plumbing and can damage your pipes. You can try using vinegar (or another household acid) to help you scrub away the built up limescale, but we recommend working with a Calgary plumber to soften your water and prevent lime residue in the first place.

Plumbing Build Up.

Limescale doesn’t just build up in your sink and bathtub where you can see it and scrub it away. It also collects inside your plumbing. Over the years, it can narrow your pipes considerably, restricting the flow of water and making your home significantly more susceptible to full clogs. One way to slow down the build up is to flush your dishwasher and washing machine with vinegar or lemon juice solution every month or so. You can also flush your drains in the same way.

Can’t keep up with limescale build up? The friendly Calgary plumbers at Plumbing Paramedics can help. We can effectively remove residue to unclog your plumbing, and we’re able to install water softeners that will help reduce build up in the future. Contact our team today!

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