Tree Roots Clogging Sewer Lines
Published On: 22 May 2019Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

In a previous article, we discussed some of the sewer-safe plants you can grow. Of course, hindsight is 20-20, and most Calgary homeowners already have mature trees growing in their yard. Therefore, we’re going to take a look at four of the most problematic trees and what symptoms may indicate that roots are causing problems in your plumbing.

Why Do Tree Roots Infiltrate Pipes?

While it’s hard to say for sure why certain trees have more aggressive roots than others, what we do know is that some water-loving trees seem to shoot off roots that bee-line directly for pipes. Perhaps the trees can somehow sense the black-water, packed with nutrients and organic material.  Regardless, willow, poplar, oak, and elm are all known to have roots that slowly weasel their way into cracks in your plumbing. Once tree roots clogging sewer lines, they grow fat on a steady diet of waste water until they fill the entire pipe, causing a major clog.

Protecting Your Pipes.

No one wants to cut down a beautiful, mature tree. But if you already have willows, poplars, oaks, or elms in your yard, you really should take some preventative measures. There are both chemical and physical root barrier options. Root barriers are buried with your pipe in order to prevent root infiltration without having to chop down your trees. Chemical root barriers slowly release molecules that signal tree roots not to grow this way. Physical barriers are made of strong wood or metal and run next to your pipes to catch roots and prevent them from growing any further.

Symptoms of Tree Root Clogs.

Invasive roots have a tendency to gorge themselves on the water in your pipes and quickly grow into a full clog, so water can no longer flow from your home into Calgary’s municipal sewer line. This often results in multiple plumbing fixtures all backing up once. Alternatively, you may notice your shower backs up when you flush your toilet. If either of these problems are affecting you, it’s time to call a Calgary plumber.

Our plumbing experts aren’t just able to remove roots from your pipes and help you install the right root guard, we can also provide you with a camera sewer inspection. Sewer video inspections are one of the latest and greatest plumbing tools available for diagnosing the cause and location of clogs. Our team will be able to tell you whether tree roots are at the heart of your plumbing problems or if there’s another type of clog entirely.

Once we’ve successfully deduced the cause of your troubles, we can begin repairing your plumbing. Our friendly, Calgary plumbers will be able to use the information they gained from your sewer inspection to increase the chance that all problems are caught and dealt with in a single visit.

Worried that tree roots may be responsible for a backup? Our experienced Calgary plumbers are here to help! Give our team at the Plumbing Paramedics a call today.

Call us at (403) 452-2911 or Book Now an appointment.

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