How To Choose A Toilet
Published On: 1 December 2020Categories: Latest News, Toilet Options

You may think there’s not much to consider when selecting a toilet for your bathroom but there are actually many options, configurations and styles to choose from when determining what toilet best meets your needs. The following are some elements to consider before purchasing your next toilet.

One-Piece, Two-Piece or Wall Mount:

  • One-piece toilets feature a bowl and tank moulded together as a single unit. They’re compact making them great for small spaces and sleek rendering them perfect for contemporary bathrooms. This style of toilet is easy to clean (fewer nooks and crannies) but is generally more expensive than other types.
  • Two-piece toilets have a separate tank and bowl that are bolted together at installation. They’re the most common type of toilet making it easy to find replacement parts when needed. This style is easy to ship, allows for mix and match choices for tank and bowl and is generally less expensive than a one-piece.
  • Wall-mounted toilets mount directly to the wall eliminating the need for a foot or base. They’re easy to clean and make it simple to wash the surrounding floor. This style is ideal for transfers from a wheelchair or walker and can be installed at any desired height. However, they require a sturdy wall for mounting, a wall drain rather than a floor drain and cost more to purchase and install.

Water Usage: A toilet accounts for ⅓ of your household’s water usage. New technology enables water conservation without sacrificing flush performance and helps to reduce your water bill.

  • High-Efficiency Toilets (HETs) flush at a rate of 1.28 gallons per flush, saving 20% more water than older models and using 4,000 gallons less water per person annually.
  • Ultra-High Efficiency Toilets (UHETs) flush at rates as low as 1.0 gallons per flush, without sacrificing performance.
  • Dual-Flush Toilets bring the best of both worlds, with an option for either a full or partial flush.

Round or Elongated Bowl:

  • Round bowls project 25 to 28 inches, taking up less space making them popular for smaller bathrooms.
  • Elongated bowls are about two inches longer, offering adults more thigh support and greater comfort.
  • Compact elongated bowls feature an elongated toilet bowl but take up the same space as a round bowl.

Standard or Comfort Height: You have the right toilet height if you are able to easily sit and stand and comfortably rest both feet flat on the floor while seated.

  • Standard-height toilets are typically 14-15 inches in height, making them ideal for children and users of average height.
  • Comfort-height toilets are 16 inches in height or higher and are designed for people with disabilities but are also ideal for taller users, seniors and people with leg or back issues.

Flush Performance: Your toilet should ensure that all waste is cleared with one flush and mitigate the chance of clogging.

  • Gravity Flush toilets have a flapper that opens up and allows water to rush down through the bowl. They offer a powerful flush, are the most commonly used system, are inexpensive and easy to maintain. However, they are prone to sweating and can underperform.
  • Pressure Assisted toilets utilize a combination of pressure and gravity for a forceful flush, reduce the possibility of clogs and use a minimal amount of water without sacrificing performance. They’re less prone to sweating but are costly, noisy and difficult to repair.
  • Vacuum-Assisted toilets have a vacuum tank connected to the trap. When the toilet flushes the water flows out of the tank creating suction which helps dispose of waste from the bowl. This system is easy to repair, provides a strong flush and won’t sweat. However, they are costly.
  • Power-assisted toilets, also known as macerating or upflush toilets, liquify waste during the flush, reducing clogging and promoting flow in long waste lines. They are ideal for basement bathrooms. 

High-end options:

  • Easy release toilet seats allow you to remove the seat completely for easy and thorough cleaning.
  • Children’s seat options have a detachable inner seat designed for children who are potty training.
  • Ultra-smooth antibacterial glazing in toilet bowls is designed to repel soil and inhibit the growth of stain- and odour-causing bacteria.
  • Hands-free flush allows you to wave a hand over the tank sensor rather than touch a germ-ridden flush lever.
  • Flapperless dual flush improves even high-efficiency toilets by swapping out the flapper for a canister-style valve.
  • Overflow protection allows your toilet to automatically shut off the water supply when it detects a leak.
  • Lighted toilets have a motion-activated LED night light that sticks to the side of the bowl and guides your way in the dark.
  • Vented toilets eliminate odours and airborne germs through the use of a fan that sucks air from under the seat, filters it through activated charcoal and blows it back into the room.
  • Heated toilets have a warm seat with up to three temperature settings.
  • Bidet seats bring the cleaning power of a bidet to your standard toilet. They may come with warm water, a heated seat, an air dryer, a massage mode and a nightlight.

Explore the many different types of toilets to find the best model for your home. Choose a toilet that is comfortable, easy to clean and water-efficient. Add special features and advanced flushing to make life easier and more comfortable!

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