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Published On: 14 August 2017Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

Earlier this month, we wrote about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. One potential source of carbon monoxide poisoning in your home is a malfunctioning hot water tank. However, that’s not the only thing that can go wrong with these necessary appliances. Here are some major points from the hot water tank inspection checklist.

Water Leaks.

When it comes to your hot water tank, it will likely leak just a little bit or all at once. Because of all the steam and hot water, the tank is actually under quite a bit of pressure. As it slowly rusts, weak spots can form inside the tank. If you’re lucky, only a small part of the tank will fail, and you’ll be able to get help for your plumbing emergency before there’s much water damage. Of course, if you have an annual hot water tank inspection, you should be able to avoid any leaks at all.


It might seem counterintuitive that a tank full of water could lead to a fire, but many Albertans have a hot water tank that is gas powered. To prevent fires, keep any flammable fluids and materials away from the pilot light. As long as you keep the area around your hot water tank organized and free of flammables, your family won’t need to worry.

Carbon Monoxide.

Probably the biggest danger is still carbon monoxide. The scariest challenge when dealing with carbon monoxide is that this gas is invisible, scentless, and tasteless. Only a carbon monoxide detector will be able to alert your family if there is a dangerous concentration of this gas. Across North America, carbon monoxide is the leading cause of all accidental poisonings, so it’s important to take this danger seriously.

Here at the Plumbing Paramedics, we want to ensure that Calgarians are taking the necessary proactive measures to keep their families safe. That means having a Calgary plumber come and give your hot water tank an inspection just once a year. If your hot water tank is in need of an inspection, contact the Plumbing Paramedics today!

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