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Published On: 6 June 2016Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

Each season has its own quirks when it comes to keeping your plumbing in excellent shape. Spring is the time to worry about flooding. In winter, freezing is the biggest head ache. But summer has troubles of its own.

How to Reduce Water Bill.

With the kids out of school, Calgary families often see a spike in their water bill during the summer months. The extra laundry from getting dirty at the park, the fun in the sprinkler, and taking a cool shower during peak heat hours all add up really fast. But if you think your bill has jumped a little too high, it’s worth double checking that you don’t have a leak somewhere in your hose or plumbing. The easiest way to find a hidden leak is to check your water metre just before you leave the house for a couple hours. Write down the reading, and check if the metre has measured any water use while you were gone. Assuming the house was empty (so no water was being used), it should have the exact same reading as when you left. If there’s a change, you have a leak.

So You Have a Leak. What Now?

Many Calgary homeowners aren’t really sure what to do once they’ve discovered they have a leak. Sure, their metre has gone up a little, but it’s no big deal, right? Wrong. Remember, that noticeable difference happened in just an hour or two. Over a week, a leak can waste over 150 L of water, and you’re paying for every drop. Instead of wasting more water and money, call in your local plumbing experts. We’ll sniff out your leak and put an end to the waste.

Water the Grass in the Early Morning or Late Evening.

Instead of watering your lawn for just half an hour in the middle of each afternoon, try to water only once or twice a week for a solid hour or two and in the early morning or evening. Not only will you lose less water to evaporation, your grass will also be healthier. Beyond that, it’s a nice excuse to get the kids out of the house after dinner, and they’re less likely to get sunburnt running around at 6 or 7pm than at high-noon. This will help you to reduce your water bill a little bit.

Summer can mean high utility bills. Instead of heating, you’re paying for AC, and often water bills also skyrockets. But if you suspect your home has a leak, it’s important to have the Plumbing Paramedics take a look. We’ll make sure you aren’t paying for more water than you actually use. Call us today!

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