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Published On: 15 July 2019Categories: Latest News, Toilet Options

Just yesterday, your tiny, little baby was so sweet and immobile. But seemingly from nowhere, your baby has grown into a tiny, little mischief maker who is fully capable of making their way across your home in a manner of seconds (or minutes). Now that your little mover is getting into everything, it’s past time to make sure your bathroom is a safe place.


Your first line of defence should be preventing your baby or toddler from gaining access to your washroom unsupervised. Baby gates, childproof  over-the-door-handle covers, or even a simple hook-and-eye near the top of the door are all good tools for keeping your little one out of the bathroom.

Toilet Locks.

One of the reasons your adorable little toddler takes so many tumbles as they learn to walk is babies are very top heavy. Their brain and skull are proportionally much bigger and heavier than an adults, which makes them prone to tipping over. A curious toddler who is examining the water in the toilet bowl, can accidentally topple forward and plunge headfirst into the water, unable to breathe, call for help, or free themselves. Toilet locks prevent your toddler from lifting the toilet lid, protecting them from drowning.

Move Your Toiletries.

Nail clippers, tweezers, scissors, razors, mouthwash, and all the other useful toiletries you’ve had the convenience of leaving out now need a secure home out of reach of little fingers. Remember things that seem harmless to you, maybe less so in the hands of your baby. Mouthwash, for example, contains more alcohol than wine.

We recommend sitting on your bathroom floor to get a good idea of all the neat bathroom implements a baby may find interesting. Remember to look under your vanity, behind the door, and on the edge of the bathtub. Toddlers and adults don’t look for mischief in the same places, so you’ll have to think like your baby in order to out-smart them.

Unplug Appliances.

Hair dryers, straighteners, and curlers need to be unplugged and put away when you’re finished using them. The long cords make them easy to pull off the counter, and many toddlers adore buttons. It won’t take long for your baby to accidentally turn on one of these devices and burn their tiny fingers.

Move your Medications, Supplements, & Beauty Products.

Conventional medicines, like prescription drugs or over the counter acetaminophen, etc, all need to be safely stowed out of reach and, preferably, in a child safe cabinet. However, herbal supplements and “natural health” products also need to be put away. Even seemingly benign supplements, like green tea extract, has been linked to liver failure and deaths.

Ask Your Local Calgary Plumber.

From turning down the temperature on your hot water heater to installing an anti-scalding safety valve on your sinks and bathtub, your friendly Calgary plumber is one of your best advisors in ensuring your child’s safety in your washroom. Children’s skin is thinner than adults, so it can take as little as 3 seconds for a child to be burnt. Anti-scalding valves shut off your tap if water reaches a burning-temperature, while reducing the temperature on your hot water tank prevents the water from ever getting too hot in the first place.

Plumbing Paramedics is a family business, and our priority is helping to protect the families our neighbours and friends. If you’re worried about your toddler hurting themselves in your washroom, call our Calgary plumbers today. We’ll be over soon to help put your worries to rest.

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