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Published On: 10 July 2019Categories: Latest News, Toilet Options

It’s that time of year again. Summer has arrived and many Canadian families are moving. If your house will soon be on the market, you may be wondering which renos and updates will best help you sell your home. In general, you’ll want to spend your time and money on renovations that are likely to pay out in your house’s closing price. Your two best bets are your kitchen and bathroom upgrades.

Replace the Tub with a Shower.

While you’ll definitely want at least one bathtub in the house — as you’ll otherwise risk alienating potential buyers with young children, replacing any extra tubs with a shower is often a smart move. Minimalist, glass showers are trendy. The transparent glass makes your new shower’s footprint seemingly invisible, so your bathroom feels airy and spacious. For a contemporary ensuite or smaller guest bathroom, it’s hard to go wrong with an elegant shower.

Replace Your Toilet.

If your toilet is over a decade old, you’ll probably do well to replace it. Toilet technology has improved significantly over the past few years, and many homebuyers are expecting low-flow toilets with dual flush options. These new eco-friendly toilets run around $300, making this an easy and affordable renovation. Older toilets are also more likely to clog up or have leaks, so you can be sure, homebuyers will view an old toilet as a marker that your home hasn’t been kept up to date.

Add a Second Sink.

If you’ve room to spare in an ensuite, adding a second sink can be a good option. Jack and Jill sinks are generally received positively by homebuyers. They’re a status marker that makes your bathroom feel more luxurious and high end. Be sure to complement the second sink by updating your other fixtures — especially the toilet and shower.

Add a Second Washroom.

If your house only has a single washroom, you can be sure that adding a powder room (toilet & sink) or a second three piece bathroom (toilet, sink, and shower) will have a big effect on your house’s closing price. You can expect about a 12% boost to your house’s selling price when you work with a Calgary plumber to add a second washroom.

If you’re planning on selling your house this summer, it’s a good idea to work with a trusted Calgary plumber to ensure your kitchen and bathroom’s plumbing fixtures are up to contemporary standards and don’t need bathroom upgrades. Contact our friendly team at Plumbing Paramedics today to get the help you need with your renovation.

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