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Published On: 20 March 2017Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

Whether you grew up in the 40s or the 80s or even the 90s, most Canadians can agree that technology has been advancing very quickly in the past couple decades. The jump in computer and mobile technology is astounding, but our pocket-computers aren’t the only thing becoming “smart.” Today we’d like to introduce another smart technology you may not have heard of — the smart faucet.

Automatic Faucets.

While you may not have heard of smart faucets, we’re willing to bet you’ve used one! Whether at the mall, your teen’s high school, or the airport, automatic smart faucets are everywhere! What you may not realize is that they are also great for residential homes. They remove the need to clean taps, prevent burns in small children (the temperature is automatic and can’t be turned up too high), and allow you to wash goopy or germy hands without contaminating any surfaces.

Digital Faucets.

With a digital interface that gives you information on the exact temperature of your water and more, these smart faucets definitely feel a lot more future and sci-fi than the automatic faucet. These faucets are new to the residential world, and allow you to adjust the temperature and pressure using the digital interface. With the right digital faucet, you’ll find you’re saving energy and water.

Combo Faucets.

What could better than the detailed control of a digital interface or a hands free automatic faucet? How about a smart faucet that does both? Combo faucets take the best features of the other two smart faucets and combine them into a single, luxury faucet. There’s no more adjusting the warm and cold taps to find the perfect goldilocks temperature. Plus, your hands will be significantly cleaner. Think about it, you need to turn the hot and cold faucets on before you’ve washed your hands and off after they’re clean. All the germs on your hands, whether you just chopped raw chicken or finished in the washroom, were deposited onto the tap and go right back on your hands.

If you want a cleaner more efficient washing experience with a stream of water that’s always the perfect temperature, look no further than smart faucets. The experts at Plumbing Paramedics can help answer your questions and suggest options that will best suit your home and your priorities. Call us today!

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