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Published On: 22 August 2019Categories: Furnace, Latest News

August is coming to an end. We doubt we’re the only ones feeling like summer zipped by far too fast, but with September just around the corner (often with the first snowfall), it’s time to start thinking about your furnace once more. In Canada, our furnaces aren’t conveniences that make uncomfortable weather more comfortable. They are vital tools that are necessary for survival. So what happens when the weather outside is frightful and your furnace fails?

Check the Thermostat.

Even before you call for a trusted, Calgary furnace technician, your first step should be checking the thermostat. Sometimes the thermostat blips, the batteries can die, or your teen accidently turns it off while trying to adjust the temperature. Coming out of summer, it’s also not usual for someone in the family to have intentionally turned the thermostat off to prevent the furnace kicking in until autumn. Regardless, make sure your thermostat is actually set to heat your home.

Check Your Furnace Filter.

Some furnaces have an auto-shutoff feature for when the filter is dangerously clogged. Your furnace filter is a vital piece of equipment that protects the electronics and delicate mechanics of your furnace. To protect itself from damage, some furnaces are programmed to shut off when the filter is overfull. If you can’t remember when you last changed the filter, change it out, and see if it kicks in.

Check Your Furnace’s Power Source.

Does your furnace have an on/off switch? Make sure it hasn’t been turned off and check the breaker. If your furnace and thermostat both seem to be running, but your home is chilly, you should check your vents and ducting. Make sure that your vents are open, so that hot air can pass from the ducting into your home.

If you have an electric furnace, check that your home still has power. Many of our modern electronics use batteries, so it’s easy to miss that you’re in the middle of a power outage if it’s a sunny afternoon.

If you have a gas furnace, check that the gas valve hasn’t been turned off and that the pilot light is on. Many gas furnaces will automatically turn off if the pilot light is out. Relighting the pilot light can be dangerous, so we recommend calling a professional for help.

If you can’t get your furnace running yourself,  it’s time to call a Calgary furnace technician. Plumbing Paramedics is here to help with all of your plumbing- and furnace-related needs. Call us now, and we’ll send someone over in a jiffy to help with your furnace emergency!

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