Plumbing-Heating Service Plan
Published On: 22 February 2021Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

When was the last time you had a plumbing and/or heating service technician in your home? Do you wait for a plumbing or heating disaster to occur, then pay huge fees for what could have been prevented? If so, a plumbing-heating service plan might be right for you!

What is a plumbing-heating service plan?

A plumbing-heating service plan is an agreement between you and an HVAC service contractor. You pay a small fee (usually monthly). In return, you receive benefits such as same-day emergency service, a discount on services, priority service, a discount on repairs/parts/labour and often a free annual safety and efficiency inspection.

What service plan should I purchase?

Service plans differ, with no two offering exactly the same benefits. Shop around. Ask friends, neighbours, coworkers and/or family members if they belong to a plan and if they are happy with the services provided. Read reviews of past and current customers regarding the service plan they purchased from their HVAC contractors. Look on the contractors’ websites, independent review sites and social media pages. Choose a reputable company with a plan that suits your needs.

What is included in a plumbing-heating service plan?

Though plans vary from company to company, a plumbing-heating service plan generally includes the following:

  • Free annual check-up/inspection of your plumbing and heating systems: This normally includes an examination of faucets, toilets, exposed piping, drains, water heater, washing machine valves/hoses, furnace, furnace ducts, thermostat and filter. Annual maintenance of your heating and plumbing systems allows you to spot and address small issues before they become big problems. It offers equipment protection, financial savings and promotes the efficiency of your systems lowering your energy consumption and reducing your utility bill.
  • Discounts on repair and/or diagnostic services: A percentage discount is usually offered on the total cost of the visit. This discount may be limited to a particular number of repairs per year.
  • Reduced dispatch or no dispatch fee: A service plan often lowers or eliminates the dispatch fee normally charged by an HVAC company.
  • Discounts on parts and equipment: Should you need to upgrade your system, the service plan may provide partial coverage of the cost of the repair.
  • Priority Service: Many service plans offer a reduced service window, place you first in line for emergency services and/or offer you priority service on the busiest days of the year. Members come first! This means you have a reputable, reliable, responsible company on call in case of burst pipes, frozen plumbing, sewer back-up, a broken furnace/boiler, a malfunctioning air conditioner or a leaking hot water tank!
  • Peace of mind: By consistently dealing with the same company (and often the same technician) you receive an enhanced level of care that can put your mind at ease regarding the condition of your heating-plumbing system.

Investing in a heating-plumbing service plan can save you money by helping to prevent breakdowns, increasing system efficiency, prolonging the life of your system and providing discounts on labour/parts. It can also reduce stress by offering you a reduced service window, priority service and peace of mind regarding the condition of your home’s heating and plumbing systems. It’s normal for service technicians to offer you a service plan during an appointment, but a reputable company will never pressure you. Always do your own research before you decide what plan is right for you.

Interested in a heating-plumbing service plan? Call Calgary-based Plumbing Paramedics. Our prompt service, quality workmanship and trained technicians have the skill and knowledge to diagnose and repair all types of systems and provide reliable installation services. We offer a comprehensive plumbing-heating protection plan.

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