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When the first cool night hits and you’re ready to turn on the heat, you don’t want an inconvenient surprise of an emergency furnace repair. While the famous “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” catchphrase may work for some things, that’s not the case for a furnace tune up. It can actually save you money and frustration in the long run. Read on to learn about the cost-saving benefits of a furnace tune up before winter surprises us this year.

Why Your Furnace Needs a Tune-Up Before the Winter

Just like a car, some things last longer when you take care of them. If you never take it in for an oil change or have it serviced, it’ll be fine for a while. But eventually, problems will catch up with it that become more expensive than if they had been discovered sooner.

Avoid an emergency furnace repair.

Furnace tune ups help prevent costly problems from happening at the most inconvenient times. Not only that, but emergency services are typically more expensive than a scheduled furnace repair. By having a tune up done in advance, your technician will inspect it for potential problems, such as any airflow issues, and advise you if there should be any repairs to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

However, not all emergencies can be predicted or avoided. In that case, our technicians are available 24/7 to bring the heat.

Save on heating costs.

When a heating system is well-maintained, it can work more effectively, with greater efficiency and with less effort. That means on cold winter nights, you don’t have to worry about it overworking to keep the same level of comfort, which saves on your energy bills. If you’re interested in cost-saving solutions, you should consider a programmable thermostat.

Families can see substantial monthly savings if they tailor it to their lifestyle. While everyone is out and about during the day, the thermostat can be set to a lower but manageable temperature. Then, upon your return, you can automatically set it back to your desired temperature. If you get home at 5 pm every day, you should set it to start up at least 30 minutes before. Thanks to technology, some thermostats have GPS capabilities, so they’ll know when to turn on when you’re nearby.

Keep your home and family safe.

More than 300 Canadians die each year, and over 200 are hospitalized due to carbon monoxide poisoning. An annual furnace tune up keeps your family safe from carbon monoxide, flammable liquids, and other dangerous outcomes if left unchecked. If your furnace burns natural gas, oil, or propane, a break in the line can cause a leak. Another component, the heat exchanger, can be at risk if it isn’t cleaned by a professional.

Regular furnace maintenance will also help reduce the risk of a fire. You’ll want to ensure you always keep the area around your heating system clean and clear of debris or any flammable items.

Keep the air clean.

If your heating system, like a furnace, pumps air through the vents and ducts, a furnace tune up can help ensure it’s distributing it evenly and properly. Inspecting your furnace before the cold sets in should also improve its performance when you need it most. One of the main causes of furnace breakdown is the accumulation of pollutants like dust, pet hair, and dirt. To have your furnace running smoothly and effectively all winter long, it’s recommended you have a professional come in to clean and inspect it, as well as replace the filter.

Boost your furnace’s life expectancy.

Depending on the type of heating system you have, it should last for over a decade. If you want it to maintain its good working order and outperform its life expectancy, an annual furnace tune up can help. It’s also important to check with your furnace manufacturer if you’re still under warranty. Many companies have a policy requiring you to have a yearly furnace tune up for your warranty to be valid.

Having a safe, efficient, and reliable heating system is crucial for Alberta. Our winters are long, chilly, sometimes brutal, and we can often find ourselves snowed in for days. Waiting until a cold night to discover that you need an emergency furnace repair is the last thing you want, even if you have a pretty fantastic fuzzy blanket collection. It’s recommended that you turn your furnace on sooner rather than later to ensure it’s working properly. Better than that, you should take the proactive approach for a furnace tune up to keep your system running smoothly. Contact our friendly technicians to schedule a stop-in at your convenience.

Do you get your furnace tune up annually or wait to call in a furnace repair? Share your thoughts with our readers.

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