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Published On: 26 August 2014Categories: Latest News

Calgary Drain Cleaning

When water is draining slowly from a sink, shower, or tub, your first thought might be that it’s a simple blockage that can be cleared away with ten minutes of work or a drain cleaning product from the hardware store.

That’s sometimes the case, of course, but clogged drains can be more complicated than homeowners tend to think.

For one thing, there are a lot of different issues that can actually cause drains and toilets to back up in the first place. Although hair and residue are amongst the most common causes, blockages can also result from cracked sewer lines and even tree root growth. In those cases, making minor adjustments isn’t going to help, and repeatedly pouring liquid drain cleaner into your pipes could add to the damage.

Another issue to consider is that a lot of common drain cleaning “solutions” are quick fixes that don’t address the underlying problems. In other words, a trained and qualified plumber might be able to permanently fix the issue by installing new pipes or fixtures, rather than having the blockages come back again and again every few months or so.

Finding the difference between simple drain cleaning problems and advanced plumbing solutions takes a bit of skill, patience, and the right tools for the job… things most homeowners (and more than a few Calgary plumbers) don’t have. So, if you really want the job done correctly – and the problem to go away permanently – working with a professional Calgary plumbing company is probably your best answer.

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