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Published On: 22 July 2019Categories: Furnace, Latest News

Canadians rely on their furnaces for survival. But your furnace relies on you as well. In order to function optimally year after year, your furnace requires diligent filter changes and annual maintenance. On average, a furnace filter should be changed every 1 to 3 months. Neglecting this care won’t just mean the air you breathe is a bit dusty and stale, but it can also lead to excess wear and tear on your furnace and higher utility bills.


Neglecting Your Furnace is Expensive.

Furnace filters aren’t made to clean the air for people; they’re made to remove large particles from the air for your furnace. Furnaces are complex and delicate appliances. Dust needs to be filtered out of the air, so that the furnace can function optimally. When the filter isn’t change, your furnace has to work hard to force air through the clogged filter. This extra energy directly affects how much you’re paying on your utility bill, but the added strain on the blower also greatly reduces the lifespan of the entire furnace. Clogged air filters are one of the most common reasons Canadians experience complete furnace failure.


Allergens, Dust, and Detritus.

Animal dander (skin cells), insect waste, and lots of dirt are the main ingredients that make up house dust. Human dander is largely shed in the shower, so at least that’s not a main component of the dust in the air, but we feel that most Calgarians aren’t thrilled about breathing insect bits either. Your furnace filter helps to take all that nasty stuff out of the air you breathe. In fact, there are furnace filters that are especially fine which are built specifically to aid people who suffer from seasonal allergies. Even your conventional furnace filter can help quite a bit, but if your filter is clogged and the blower needs to work extra hard to force air through the filter, dust will be forced through as well.


Your Filter May Need Changing Year Round.

Many Canadians have a full HVAC system. The same ventilation system that is used by the furnace is also used by the A/C or just to circulate air during the summer. If air is circulating through the ventilation system, then it’s passing through your furnace’s filter — even though the furnace isn’t heating the air. This means the blower will still be running all summer long, so you need to continue changing the filter according to your furnace’s manufacturer’s instructions.


At Plumbing Paramedics, we love helping Calgarians to save money. Whether it’s fixing a leaky toilet, so they stop losing money on their water bill or helping to ensure your furnace is running as efficiently as possible. With winter over, now is the perfect time to give your furnace an annual inspection. Most manufacturer’s require an annual inspection in order to honour their warranty. Summer is the ideal season for an inspection as, if something does need a quick repair, you won’t even notice if we turn your furnace off for a few hours.


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