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Published On: 8 March 2021Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

Most homeowners put off contacting their plumber until they have a huge problem with their system. Yet, each day grease, food particles, hair, soap and dirt flow through their drains causing buildup that can wreak havoc on your home’s sewage lines, pipes and drains. Routinely scheduled drain cleaning can minimize problems and prevent damage to your home. Read on to discover the reasons you need a professional drain cleaning service.

  • Improves the lifespan of your drain and pipes: Clogs develop slowly and can lead to blockages and even damage to your pipes. Have your system routinely cleaned. This preventative maintenance can fend off clogs and/or leaks and even extend the life of your pipes.
  • Avoids bad odours: Unpleasant smells coming from your drains are a sign that waste has built up in your pipes allowing the growth of bacteria and mould. Professional drain cleaning removes debris and helps clear/avoid foul odours.
  • Allows faster drainage: Do you have standing water that gurgles slowly down your sink? Does water build beneath your feet when you shower? Worst of all, does your toilet backflow occasionally? Routinely cleaning your drains will keep your pipes clear of clogs ensuring they drain quickly and efficiently.
  • Saves you money: Emergency plumbing calls are expensive! It’s inconvenient to have your plumbing shut down for lengthy repairs! Regularly scheduled drain maintenance will help you find and address small issues before they become an emergency, saving you time and money.
  • Prevents damage to your home: Plumbing problems can lead to leaks and burst pipes causing enormous damage to your floors, walls, carpets and furniture. Dangerous moulds can grow, drywall can deteriorate and carpets and floors may mildew and/or rot. Regular professional drain maintenance helps avoid this situation.
  • Maintains a safe and clean outdoor area: A blocked drain can result in standing water on your property. This can lead to soil erosion, slippery surfaces, mould growth, an increased mosquito population and decaying plants. Avoid standing water by having your drains regularly cleaned by a professional.

Timely drain cleaning service provided by a professional plumber helps to prevent many problems and extends the life of your system. Talk to your plumber about a recommended drain cleaning schedule based on your home’s usage. Drain cleaning service/maintenance is quick and effective! Contact your plumber today!

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