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Published On: 22 September 2020Categories: Latest News, Plumbing

Regardless of what the weather is doing, most Calgarians view September as the end of summer. Winter is on the way, and that means Calgary homeowners need to ensure their plumbing and furnace systems are in peak condition and ready to take on the Canadian cold. As you get ready to pull out the duvets and flannel, here are few more things to add to your plumbing winter checklist.

Fall Inspection.

We don’t need to tell you that Calgary is one of the coldest places on Earth come January, which is exactly why you’ll need to have a visual inspection of your plumbing system done before the temperatures drop to freezing. Visual inspections are all about looking carefully for water dripping or leaking where there should not be any water. If the temperature has already dropped to near or below 0, a touch of ice is all it takes for leaks to vanish until next Spring. If you’re comfortable around a plumbing system, shut off the water to your outdoor hose bibs and tighten your shut off valves. This will help prevent water from being where it shouldn’t, which means no frozen pipes over the winter.

Invest in Insulation.

Insulation isn’t optional in Calgary, but many homeowners forget that they also need to insulate their pipes. Sudden cold snaps can cause pipes running through cooler parts of the house (the attic, an attached garage, the exterior walls, or the basement) to freeze. Insulating hot water pipes also means having your hot water delivered to your faucet faster and warmer. If you have exposed pipes without insulation, make the smart choice of investing in some pipe insulation. It wraps one easily and keeps the cold at bay. Snugly butt pieces of insulation up against one another to prevent gaps, and use duct tape to secure everything into place.

Major Inspections.

Furnace and hot water tank manufacturers both recommend annual professional inspections. In fact, many furnace and water heater warranties are voided if they aren’t regularly inspected. But beyond safeguarding your warranty, these inspections are about peace of mind.

Hot water tanks are particularly vulnerable to corrosion in Calgary due to our extremely hard water. Without proper care and maintenance, many Calgary homeowners see their water heaters life halved. During fall, work with a Calgary plumber to have your heater inspected, drain your hot water tank so the built-up sediment can be removed, and ensure that your water heater is running optimally for the coming winter. Your friendly Calgary plumber will also double check your mix valve to protect your family from scalding water.

While furnaces don’t have to struggle with hard water, they are too important to simply ignore. You need your furnace to be running smoothly all winter long, but every year Calgarians awaken to a freezing house when their furnace quits unexpectedly. Our professional Calgary furnace technicians carefully look over every nook and cranny of your furnace to ensure everything is in perfect condition — that way you and your family can rest warm and cozy all winter long.

Winter is coming. Fortunately, the plumbers and furnace technicians at Plumbing Paramedics are here to help Calgarians get ready. Make the smart decision, like so many other Calgarians already have, and finish your plumbing winter checklist today by calling the Plumbing Paramedics.

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